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The technology we have at our disposal is dazzling, and our efficiency is such that clients expect fast solutions and nearly instantaneous updates. We are proud to deliver them. Still, I wonder if we haven’t lost something in the process: the deliberation that comes with a slower pace, the attention to detail required when mistakes […]

In search of inspiration I often browse TED: Ideas worth spreading. Yesterday I found this talk there. By my opinion it is one of the best coming from American cultural area to date. Where ever you live, work, create, socialize – not necessarily in United States – this Barry Schwartz talk is inspiring call to […]

I like winter very much. My Snow Rabbit not so much. Lucky for him and less for me: madam Winter with the snow talent is departing slowly… Zelo rada imam zimo. Moj Snow Rabbit je pa ne mara prav preveč. Navdušen je, ker gospa Zima, s talentom za sneg, počasi odhaja… Meni je pa žal.