Finding a Positive Vision


The technology we have at our disposal is dazzling, and our efficiency is such that clients expect fast solutions and nearly instantaneous updates. We are proud to deliver them. Still, I wonder if we haven’t lost something in the process: the deliberation that comes with a slower pace, the attention to detail required when mistakes can’t be undone with the click of a mouse. (Michael Bierut)

And not just attention to the detail I feel is getting lost in the process of ultra tech-time driven design process. The time pressure make us lightweight, two-dimensional, only skin-deep and the liberty of one thousand and one revision has spoiled us. On both sides of design process I feel we do not think wide and deep enough anymore. The quality of speech through visual communication is under heavy impact by those facts. With rare exceptions the humanity is out of the picture. The personal tone is on many occasions only a marketing strategy and can only be understood as a bluff. It seems the positive vision has vanished. However we shouldn’t be surprised over all that if we think of aggressive, profit-driven society we live in. And now, in the face of economy crisis when the threads in economy model are being ripped apart, is maybe the best time to find that positive vision again. What exactly is a positive vision in the times we live in? That’s a subject for the next post.

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