Some extraordinary things we’ve seen


This scene was taken on one of my expeditions as a cat, I took it as a document when we, my friend Gizmo and I (you see him on the picture), awoke from induced hibernating and found ourselves in the universe we had not even a clue it existed …

Today’s Daily Image. I am not frequently using Photoshop for making illustrations from the scratch, this time I have. Out of sheer pleasure of creating. Imagination rules!


All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jančič

2 Responses to “Some extraordinary things we’ve seen”

  1. is Gizmo a space traveler? coz he have this mysterious look… this guy knows a lot, you can bet, maja…

    • 2 112mirabela

      I love when you people comment, I simply LOOOVEEEE it.
      Gizmo *I didn’t know how to name him at first, heh* is, yes, you are right, a space traveler. But not just any. He is a CAT space traveler. :) And yes, you are right, he might know a lot of things, marvelous and extraordinary to human eye and ear.
      Thanks for commenting, Deedee.

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