If you dresscode, you belong. If you are unique, you don’t.

Some finds in the guts of Internet are just worth to take notice.
A photographer Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek from Rotterdam (Nederlands) have worked together on this interesting project since October 1994. It is titled ‘Exactitudes’, a word game of “exact” and “attitude” and it’s an interesting, 14 years long attempt to document many times striking dress codes of various social groups. But there is a catch.
At first glance it gives a feeling of anthropological and scientific approach of just capturing a find. At second glance it becomes obvious they are as far as they can be from objective documenting. The way they are depicting their subjects in staged, uniform poses in the setting of blank, unidentified white studio and the titling they use for each group of photographed subjects, they give out an open critique of code dressing.
They are saying that people’s want of being individual cannot be achieved by uniformity they take in pursuit of becoming one.


The project is currently on exhibition in Palazzo Incontro in Rome (Italy).


2 Responses to “Exactitudes”

  1. 1 ZuDfunck

    Imagine the dedication that takes?

    Holy crap!

    And I thought I was doing something

    Not even scraping the surface compared to these dudes!

    Wow, Thanx for sharing it


    • 2 112mirabela

      I cannot imagine the dedication… and persistence. Maybe that’s why I find it extraordinary and worth the publishing.
      You are welcome, ZuD, I like sharing things with some weight on, and I really like when people appreciate it. :)

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