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White Slate


Back to paper, pure hand and feel of the paper grain. Not just a pure hand at work here, also a pure freedom of expression. These artworks are each still untitled and come from a bigger collection I titled “White Slate”. Advertisements

Barnbrook Bible


I hate the idea that design is talked about as an ‘industry’. If you are a committed designer, there is no separation from your beliefs, your work and how you present them. There is no ‘big plan’ other than being true to yourself. This means that you should be sincere in the reasons for creating […]

I believe we all as lead by some force and for no explainable reason, cut pictures and words from magazines and newspapers, pasting them in scrap book. This newspaper photo scraping pasted in my workbook just waited to be found again. I do not know the exact reason for cutting it out of some reportage […]