People can inspire.


Not long ago I had a privilege and a precious opportunity to meet
an extraordinary lady.

That’s her.

In her Venice studio, 2006 Copyright by: Graziano Arici

In her Venice studio, 2006 Copyright by: Graziano Arici

She is Ida Cadorin Barbarigo, the grand she-artist and life companion of amazing artist Zoran Mušič. Or Music, if you prefer his internationally coded name. The legend has it they first encountered each other in an art gallery in Trieste, when energetic Ida on a pure impulse, with still wet hair from swimming and wearing flip-flops, jumped over a table standing there.

65 years later she is the same energetic – electric even – unnerved and vital woman with soft shine of humanity picking out from her gestures when her eyes radiate acute, unstoppable and turbulent artistic soul.

I have to confess here that even now, with experience of meeting her already subsided and blended in, I still cannot get over the amazement of the presence of her person, her extraordinary work, her “I terrestri”… People can inspire. She inspired me.

7 Responses to “People can inspire.”

  1. oh, forgot to tell you… nice new template… it’s obvious that you are designer… very clean lines… black&white…

    • 2 112mirabela

      Well thanks, deedee, :) I like black & white (and all in between)… It doesn’t interfere too much with contents.

  2. interesting story… i can imagine that she’s full of energy now… yeah, it’s nice to meet people that afterward you have this feelin’ left kinda: i wanna be the same in her/his age…

  3. 4 suzi

    What a wonderful experience! There are som many ways to stay rich with life, aren’t there…

    • 5 112mirabela

      Indeed! :) Encounters with ingenious people always remind me of richness of life.
      Thank you for comment.

  4. That’s incredible! I’m having a really hard time finding any of their artwork. Do you happen to know of any links or galleries that have some online?

    • 7 112mirabela

      I am sorry I can’t help you there, i am not in art market’s business.

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