Barnbrook Bible


I hate the idea that design is talked about as an ‘industry’. If you are a
committed designer, there is no separation from your beliefs, your work
and how you present them. There is no ‘big plan’ other than being true
to yourself. This means that you should be sincere in the reasons for creating your work, if not it will be inauthentic and you will be quickly found out. Jonathan Barnbrook, ‘Barnbrook Bible’

There are times when it is necessary and healthy to stop producing, publishing, creating and browsing for awhile, a few hours or a day. And when those times come, I often return to my copy of Barnbrook Bible, elegantly signed by the master Jonathan himself.

That's her, on my desk now.

That's her, on my desk now.

There is no secret I am not level headed when comes to Jonathan Barnbrook’s work and I am proud of it. Even if I don’t dare to presume my intellectual capabilities can grasp every concept of his enormous work, I still think him as the bravest, endearingly sharp and the most brilliant design mind of today. You think his work is about the specific graphic style? You can’t be farther from the truth. Even if western nutty consumer driven world is making great effort to teach us to see the value in easy to spot branding, each attempt to see Barnbrook work in such a manner is utterly pointless. Barnbrook is bigger than a common the skin only brand, he is himself, a human being with multilayered personality embedded in every graphic message he designs. So if you think he does visual eye candies, you should at least open his Bible. Or do better: stop being silly, don’t just leaf through. Read it.

This post is done for the occasion of today’s opening of the exhibition ‘Collateral Damage’ by Barnbrook Design studio at Galerie Anatome in Paris. If you are as I am at the moment not able to attend, it will be on exhibit until 25th of July.

3 Responses to “Barnbrook Bible”

  1. i wanted to say great title, in a sense of great book…

  2. you are shameless… whenever i see this book… i’m slobbering like a chiwawa… great little, great designer…

    • 3 112mirabela

      Shameless I am indeed. :P
      I don’t know what you had in mind with ‘great little’, is it a typo mistake because i can’t figure it out?
      Anyway… yeah… I have an intention to publish some more about Jonathan. This post was just a sketch :)
      Thank you for comment, deedee!

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