The Twitter Royalty

All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

This illustration is dedicated to Mr. Stephen Fry, whom I consider to be a first Twitter Royalty. Recently he was overrun by other Twitter celebrities in number of followers (which were gained mainly with some dreadfully neurotic mass behaviour), but that kind of ephemeral victory never does merit his quality of tweeting. The eloquence and philanthropy of his tweets especially when travelling around making documentaries, still makes him the one celebrity which is worth to give an ear and attention. Long live the king! :)

2 Responses to “The Twitter Royalty”

  1. ahahha… a like this illustration… very good idea… you should promote it more… try to post it directly to some blog that covers almost all aspects of twitter… very very nice and cool sense of humor…

    btw, i like super polar bear from ur flickr, he’s really great… and all that you did with his shadow… very very cool… was that for a particular project or?

    • 2 112mirabela

      Oh WOW, thanks. I did promote it, but … i guees i am not so good at promoting as i am good at drawing :) *blush*

      Super polar bear has no assignment, it is just my own grief (and fury) in there. :) Sometimes I try to say something to this loony world…

      Thank you for the comment, you are grand.

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