Le bande dessinée: Slovenian Classics


Yesterday I had a pleasure to meet a master of slovenian bande dessinée Mr. Tomaž Lavrič. This is how he makes an autograph in a book; anyone who knows his brilliant comic book Sokol in Golobica, will recognize our current prime minister Borut Pahor.

A drawing by master Tomo, dedicated to me :) i love it.

A drawing by master Tomo, dedicated to me :) i love it.

Tomaž Lavrič has edited a wonderful book and yesterday was also a day of that brand new book: Slovenski klasiki (Slovenian Classics), a collection of Slovenian comics.  A nicely wrapped volume is full of either tongue in check either acid, sardonic or sarcastic humor, spiced social and political critique and is last but not least an exhibition of unique points of view of many authors, which through the years contributed to the comic strip pages in weekly magazine Mladina.

Slovenski klasiki (v stripu), a front cover

Slovenski klasiki (v stripu), a front cover

For those who are unfortunately not familiar with the specifics of Slovenian social life, literature, mainstream and high culture, not to mention Slovenian language itself, it would be hard to see the whole value of this marvelous collection. Because books are like people. Some are born to be colorfull, glittering, loud and … daft. The other are born with souls old and uncostumized, uncut and heavy to break into an easy going mould. Slovenian Classics is the other.

3 Responses to “Le bande dessinée: Slovenian Classics”

  1. 1 suzi

    This one got me bad! Love the cover since there’s both humor and intelligence – only wish I could read Slovenian…

    • 2 112mirabela

      I wish that as well, i wish loads of people would understand Slovenian… :O
      About the cover: In Superman outfit is an infamous writer, poet, play writer and critic of his time Ivan Cankar (1876-1918), the one who famously stated that Slovene nation is a nation of hostlers…

  2. great… give us some peak into the book… the cover is amazing… like embroidery… cool…

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