Anyone can be an artist


It is my habit to observe the landscape of web creative work. I browse a lot, mostly interested in illustration, visual art and everything in between. And I noticed one, somehow disturbing notion.

What gets exposure in what the majority of web community see being worth a vote, a mention and publishing.

On the one side of that waste popularity pipelines are artworks of sickening garish nature, the plethora of the same tech looking rubbish with no imagination and so much less integrity.

On the other side of that popularity pipelines, the posher, artsy and no gutter residing, we have artworks of neurotic, depersonalized, unstable, maladjusted, psychopathic, phobic nature. Looking the same and saying the same hollow nothing.

Same nothing to say everywhere. Do you know why? Let me tell you why.

People are by nature greedy. In the era after A. Warhol, are greedy for fame. The majority at least. And what a simplicity: they would do just about anything for a 15 minutes of fame. And more: they would do anything for a puny crumble of fame, even if that be on a god forsaken forum or stock page piled with garish trash.

The self-proclaimed artists of the age want to be hype ones, frustrated they sniff the cybernetic air, forget about their soul, their personal story and produce, or to be exact: clone the existing trends. That is a task easily executed by a dog or a parrot … there is certainly more to be expected from human beings.

Do you actually really believe anyone can be an artist?

2 Responses to “Anyone can be an artist”

  1. Perhaps all want to become artists ;-) but the problem is other in my opinion… How much works an ‘artist’ in your art or has worked? How much her art is honest or emulation simply?
    excuse me the eventual errors… but who doesn’t make mistakes? :)

    • 2 112mirabela

      Exactly! I am talking about the same thing, I think… but I guess I didn’t make it clear enough. :) However I wouldn’t call a blind parroting of the trends an innocent mistake, because mistakes tends to be a creative force, I’d rather call it frustration. It is an act of common frustration of an everyday human being. Thanks to my dear friend I found a saying today, which seems to be a perfect cure to such frustrations; Kiyushi Awazu says: “To create, one must first see. Until one sees something that is worth expressing, one should rest.”

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