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YES, finally! It is about time to post something by my favorite comics, my friends: Lunki and Sika. Their quirky, particular humor just doesn’t stop to amaze me. And make me laugh, of course. This is the most recent movie they made. Enjoy! Advertisements

The Olympics pictograms. I’d say the assignment that big and complex needs: 1. A skillful, nifty, experienced and knowledgeable head of one creator with a small team of mouse pushers. 2. Enough development time. 3. The mindful, experienced and respectful client. In the case of the London 2012 Olympics pictograms I have a hunch none […]

If Sarah Lucas knows she’s been labeled with the mark of “post-feminism”, what she has to say about it? I always wondered what artists say or think when they read or hear the blown-up rubbish the art historians are able to put into print. Sarah Lucas is a very interesting artist of the Young British […]