That’s what the friends do.


Social networks can get pretty boring, especially Twitter tends to go that way recently. The reason? First: people’s style of twitting a.k.a. publishing are starting to become robotic. Second: when someone follows you (when someone follows you or you follow him it’s kind of similar of being friends on Facebook) it is not by curiosity or by personal want of getting to know you. No, the following is mostly automated or led by one sole purpose; advertising whatever it is to advertise for: a new show, a shopping website, or tits and ass, you just have to pick and get a stream of vomiting.

I guess I am lucky. When I was joining into Twitter, it was about 9 months ago, it seemed fresher. More alive. And yes, I am lucky, on Twitter I meet a few interesting people. And some of them I really like and consider them friends.

One of them is Suzi. When I opened my portfolio website back-office today, I was shocked by the jump of number of visitors. Where did they come from? There is a source.
That’s what the friends do. Thank you, Suzi.

One Response to “That’s what the friends do.”

  1. 1 suzi

    The least I could do, dear Maja! Happy to read that my post made an impact (I think your illustration did most of the work though). Hugs and kisses to you!

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