Lunki and Sika: The Chosen One


YES, finally! It is about time to post something by my favorite comics, my friends: Lunki and Sika. Their quirky, particular humor just doesn’t stop to amaze me. And make me laugh, of course. This is the most recent movie they made. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Lunki and Sika: The Chosen One”

  1. 1 suzi

    Yes! You are a clever woman, a slave should do the trick ;) Hope you’re having a very happy Halloween M!

  2. 2 suzi

    Did I just hear a Swedish accent here? :) Talented bunch you have there M! I hope all is well with you. My arm heals slowly and a fierce deadline tomorrow is not helping out much. I’ve had you on my mind since we wrote last – I’ll write more this weekend when all has calmed down. Just wanted to send some love your way…

    • 3 112mirabela

      Fierce deadlines are the best! I like fast projects, but one at a time. With an arm on strike it must be tough… I hope you made it. Want an advice? You need a slave, to do the work for you :P
      Stay in touch!
      Love your way as well!

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