On Behance


Behance is a network for creative professionals, of which I had a vague notion, but didn’t look into it, until recently.  My dear Swedish friend Suzi warmly recommended it and I signed in.

I was and still am pleasantly surprised.

There are very few network sites that can offer this level of quality. I dare say that it’s due mostly to a good measure of exclusiveness. You either get a membership through an invitation or you get reviewed by a staff, a method which certainly needs to be sustained. No matter what you say and we all love democracy … but in terms of creativity there is no democracy. You either are talented and skillful or you produce junk, there is no way around it.

This exclusiveness ensures Behance to be alive, is a place where you meet people on your own level and I am positive it also prevents the decaying into the bland, dead network full of self proclaimed want-to-be art directors and web specialist. Last but not least: the profile and showcase frame is clean, fairly designed and can be used as a portfolio, which you will have no shame to show around.

And there you go, this is my Behance profile & portfolio:  http://www.behance.net/MajaBJancic
You are warmly invited to visit!

4 Responses to “On Behance”

  1. 1 konnio

    Hmmm, very interesting … I really enjoy your blog

  2. hey, glad to see your profile on Behance… yeah, very cool network… stumbled the other day on your cute t-shirt design on visualize .us service… somebody bookmarked there… you’re catching the fame… keep up the good work… see yo…

    • 4 112mirabela

      Hey deedee, nice to see you back! :)
      I noticed the there were visits from visualize.us, yes, thanks to that someone… Sometimes we owe a lot to complete strangers, don’t we?
      As for fame …, I’d rather have some more illustration assignments. :P
      Thank you for commenting. C U !

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