Pillows by House Industries


House Industries, founded by Rich Roat and Andy Cruz. To eager typophiles and graphic designers the name of House Industries as a prolific type foundry is known and appreciated for some time now. They began in 1994 from a spare room of Rich’s apartment and there was a time when they had only drawn enough letters to spell out the names of the fonts and they had to come up with the “allow four to six weeks for delivery” clause. Now they employ 14 people however they stay loyal to the premise from their beginnings; to seek the inspiration in the world of unsophisticated graphic design.

They certainly prefer to create their own projects rather than to try to please art directors who insist they should just do their thing. That’s why the typefaces. And later textiles and other products based on their own typefaces. Those projects allow more creative freedom and research of specific theme, the luxury that a work for hire really doesn’t give them much chance to have.

There is a lot more to say about them, but since the Christmas is shortly knocking on the door, let’s illustrate House Industries with some fine, comfy pillows of their making.

On the left Ampersand pillow, on the right Neutra face Slab pillow.  At House Industries are explaining: “Type designers Christian Schwartz, Kai Bernau, Susana Carvalho, Ken Barber and Ben Kiel spent countless hours seated at their desks and toiling over our forthcoming Neutraface Slab font collection, so we designed this type-patterned pillow to remind their respective lumbar areas that typography can provide visual and physical comfort.”

A family of Neutra pillows: brown, orange, red in an elegant color shading.

First two: Chalet with a marvelous interlocking pattern. At the end Simian, pairs of back-to-back E’s.

House Industries can be visited on: http://www.houseind.com/

2 Responses to “Pillows by House Industries”

  1. 1 suzi

    Real nice findings, M!

  2. very cool these pillows and I found interesting we can sleep with letters ;)

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