Acute, very acute.


I am pretty much the biggest admirer (I am and that’s final :P) of Jonathan Barnbrook work. Nevertheless it never fails to surprise me. Font released fresh at Emigre foundry, Priory Acute is an interesting experiment in skewing the typographic canon. And since his work has never been about – somehow boring – discipline of clean, impersonal, reserved or shall I say meek design, it has never ceased to search and reveal the unspoken. The hard core of creativity!

Priory Acute, type specimen. Source:

More info on Emigre website:

2 Responses to “Acute, very acute.”

  1. 1 suzi

    There’s an award for you over at my “place”, Maja!
    Hope all is well with you M. I’ll soon explain the “Lady issue” ;) Hugs!

    • 2 112mirabela

      OH! A BLOG LOVE! I am nominated! Amazing… Thank you, dearest!

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