New illustrations


For those who doesn’t know: I create smashing illustrations and every now and then I invite you to browse through my collection on Stockillustrations. They are on sale, so take a pick. My workshop has been busy lately and here are the new artworks I wish to point out.

Daffodils. The intricate flow of plant forms I find always interesting to depict.

Easter eggs. There is of course also some Easter eggs with a taste of vintage and a hint of traditional.

Cityscape. Imagine how the skyscraper city feels on a windy spring afternoon.

See you on Stockillustrations. Thank you for your support!

3 Responses to “New illustrations”

  1. 1 latinaHotGirl

    Good post!

  2. :) what a nice hedgehog and rabbit… like it… like the style… it’s slightly in the manner of alternative comix and brut art… but they are both very innocent…

    oh, this must be ljubljana’s cityscape… ljubljana is very feminine city, no wonder that even the sky is pink… ;)

    happy easter, maja!

    • 3 112mirabela

      yeah, thanks… i am working on a more savvy or acid subject for those gritty animals. :P I am trying. :D
      happy easter to you too, deedee!!!

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