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I contribute quite often to the project “Ljubljana, pametno mesto”. Last December I was asked to do a new gig: namely an electronic greeting card and desktop picture. And The Hungry Dragons came to life. :) This is how it started: Here is also temporary link, where you can see a finished work in an […]

With tragic news of recent mass deaths of birds in US *here is BBC News clip* I was at awe to discover I made an artwork, a few months ago, depicting birds falling from the sky. Here it can be seen on my store at Society6. The same motif however does not escape me, so […]

“Some of the extremes of ‘LOL’ talk are a little bit bizarre to the non-initiated, but that’s true of anything. If you look at the 18th century or 19th century letters written by Swift, Johnston, or by Byron, you will notice they speak in text-talk. Paper was very expensive, the posting of paper was immensely […]