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Milky :)


First: I love milk. Second: I love working with great people. Third: I really love milk :) This mini-cute project “Coloring Book for Alpsko mleko” intended for web only, was done some time ago for a brand of Slovenian milk: “Alpsko mleko”. It is a brand-promotion material, but as far as I am concerned, PR […]

My dearest!


My dearest followers, die-hard and imaginary fans, dear dropbyers and bystanders: I have so much new/unveiled stuff to publish, I hardly keep up. :) I certainly will do as much as I can to make you smile and happy, this post is however only a reminder I do think about you. Keep up your great […]

It is totaly inconsiderate towards the creature to say: “You are for sale.” But that’s how it is. My new creature, Radko The Dragon, needs an owner. Shown here is a snipet, a whole can be seen at Flickr.