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Just documenting the latest issue of the fairly new IT magazine MonitorPro, it just landed in my mailbox. :) I am working on covers for each issue since last fall and I am happy to say I am proud to do the work for such a good magazine. Advertisements

Lost at Heart


A new pair from my workshop. A serious subject matter, I am afraid :) These two artworks I made recently on urban myth of ‘attention whores’. Since you can google-out the definition of the term, I would just like to add: I do not want to be particularly spiky or pesky on the subject, but […]

Time for … some pleasure in learning. Those two artworks were made by mixing old-style ink drawing and some digital paint. Each one is a separate work, together though make a fine pair. We do agree: a pair, a number 2, is just the best quantity in the world :) Art prints & stretched canvases […]