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Today is an anniversary of this blog, a nice occasion for doing something new. I am opening a new category: Dog the Guru. I will be posting a serial of comics with sage (don’t doubt that) and nifty dog as a main character. This is the first. Enjoy. :) Advertisements

There is of course some new stuff from my workshop. It is a unicorn. It does exist, because if it wouldn’t, there will be no sceptics and poor creature wouldn’t have to gorge himself to oblivion :) Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to buy some merchandise, it is appreciated.

O. K., the truth: Yes, I am bit nuts on works by Eddie Izzard, his transvestite faze, where he balanced in pumps all heavy on makeup and mostly on some yummy humor. And I like paraphrasing, so I made this doodle: There is one particular reason why I do what I do. It is unbelievably […]