Do you have a flag?


O. K., the truth: Yes, I am bit nuts on works by Eddie Izzard, his transvestite faze,
where he balanced in pumps all heavy on makeup and mostly on some yummy humor.
And I like paraphrasing, so I made this doodle:


monday #51 do you have a flag? :) #dailydoodle

There is one particular reason why I do what I do.
It is unbelievably fun and I don’t have to be afraid of death by boredom.
*I can die of emaciation, given the situation, but that’s another story.

Fun is when I can spin things around the way I see fit. So recently I made a second doodle:


Do you have a flag? (II.) #dailydoodle

Don’t ask why a rabbit became a dog. I have no idea. Probably I just find those canine teeth goofy enough and I do like to indulge myself. The composition felt comfy though and in overall looked promising. I made some coffee, took my magic Wacom wand, winked once or twice and there it is:


A Flag, Graphic (snippet)

Enjoy. :)

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