Footnote (Where the Wild Things Are)


True to the Maurice Sendak’s book, in the animated film Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze there are 14 lifelike monsters. They are made as suit-puppets by Jim Hanson Creature Shop and they are truly huge. Horned-big mouth-furry Carol is 2.7 m high, and although the monsters were designed to move around easy enough, to move and emote their faces in a believable way was however hardest to achieve.


Spike Jonze reports: “Initially I was thinking we would do animatronics in the faces. But then David Fincher (who directed facial-effects-heavy The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) told me that was the stupidest thing we could do – go hours with a bunch of suits and all these servo motors and remote controls. We were working out of his office in Hollywood and he would leave notes on our door with a little drawing of a wild thing and an arrow that said ‘suit’, and another arrow pointing at the face that said ‘CG’.”

Source: Wired UK (Dec 09)

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