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The #dailydoodle sometimes tweaks and shuffles beyond doodling. This one is starting to be one of my favorites, the interpretation goes like this: Do not underestimate the sheep, it just might bite back at the most inopportune moment. or The potential is always there, no matter how bad things are. or in short: It probably […]

Goofy LOL


I made this ink drawing the other day and then … KABOOM! The moment crashed the party. Big time. A moment when I am just completely drawn towards> goofy / no refinement / not far from lethal color contrasts. Sometimes that pestilence strives quite a while and it is fairly stubborn, believe me. There is […]

New T-shirts!


I recently tweaked my artwork “Do you have a flag” a little bit. I made a negative – lineart – monochrome version, so it can be printed on chromatic or dark T-shirts in just one color. It has quite a nice impact this way, don’t you think? Enjoy. :)