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This work has been in my drawer for quite some time, going through a lot of editing, rehearsing so to speak. Such periods of delay frequently do a pretty good lifting to the idea and creative process, if we of course can afford one. Now it’s finished. Presenting: “For Our Children”.

Marian Bantjes


I’m Canadian, and I love being Canadian. I love being self-deprecating even though Americans see it as a sign of weakness. I love being politically left of center (actually, quite far left, if you must know). I love being honest, and nice and polite and caring and kind. (Although sometimes I really do wish I […]

For all those who absolutely do not steal artworks and illustrations from internet: there is some new (and old) stuff from my workshop. Scrap no. 1:  Super Polar Bear. One last year work which is a shame it’s not already on the wall of your living room. Three sizes of this marvelous print are available […]