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Time for some nice, fuzzy, shameless self promotion! #dailydoodle Narcissus went through some digital inks and there it is; the merchandise waiting for you on Society6. There is also Free Shipping till Sunday, 14 April, one reason more to own some #dailydoodle gear. Enjoy! :*     Advertisements

There is of course some new stuff from my workshop. It is a unicorn. It does exist, because if it wouldn’t, there will be no sceptics and poor creature wouldn’t have to gorge himself to oblivion :) Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to buy some merchandise, it is appreciated.

An Effort


You probably know I am also known as doodlette: I am sharing doodles on Twitter as @mmirabilis almost every day and this is a short story of one doodle. This one: It is dreadfully short, i am afraid. Last week I dropped dead, beaten down by the virus. And you know how it is: being […]