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You might become mesmerized by all those different themes I go through on this blog. However, please do bear with me and stay. I feel that only through seeing and learning about people and things you wouldn’t even dream to know and put together, you can, as here performing Sarah Jones says, self invent. And […]

The technology we have at our disposal is dazzling, and our efficiency is such that clients expect fast solutions and nearly instantaneous updates. We are proud to deliver them. Still, I wonder if we haven’t lost something in the process: the deliberation that comes with a slower pace, the attention to detail required when mistakes […]

In search of inspiration I often browse TED: Ideas worth spreading. Yesterday I found this talk there. By my opinion it is one of the best coming from American cultural area to date. Where ever you live, work, create, socialize – not necessarily in United States – this Barry Schwartz talk is inspiring call to […]