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Bio Hazard!


You just have to love it! My black rabbit artwork “BioHazard” is now on sale on Society6, as art-print. Do grab one, it shall be most appreciated. Thank you for your support :) Advertisements

For those who doesn’t know: I create smashing illustrations and every now and then I invite you to browse through my collection on Stockillustrations. They are on sale, so take a pick. My workshop has been busy lately and here are the new artworks I wish to point out. Daffodils. The intricate flow of plant […]

I like winter very much. My Snow Rabbit not so much. Lucky for him and less for me: madam Winter with the snow talent is departing slowly… Zelo rada imam zimo. Moj Snow Rabbit je pa ne mara prav preveč. Navdušen je, ker gospa Zima, s talentom za sneg, počasi odhaja… Meni je pa žal.