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At the moment it is more than a year since the beginning of Daily Doodles. It was an idea without much thought, one would say: I was deep in the ultimate boredom of perfection, glossy, glittering and seamless present. Or maybe, I was in awe of doing something different, make a change in a manner […]

Social networks can get pretty boring, especially Twitter tends to go that way recently. The reason? First: people’s style of twitting a.k.a. publishing are starting to become robotic. Second: when someone follows you (when someone follows you or you follow him it’s kind of similar of being friends on Facebook) it is not by curiosity […]

This illustration is dedicated to Mr. Stephen Fry, whom I consider to be a first Twitter Royalty. Recently he was overrun by other Twitter celebrities in number of followers (which were gained mainly with some dreadfully neurotic mass behaviour), but that kind of ephemeral victory never does merit his quality of tweeting. The eloquence and […]