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For all those who absolutely do not steal artworks and illustrations from internet: there is some new (and old) stuff from my workshop. Scrap no. 1:  Super Polar Bear. One last year work which is a shame it’s not already on the wall of your living room. Three sizes of this marvelous print are available […]



We are on the spring middle and I found this image to be the best to convey the atmosphere. At first and quite some time ago it was published as a poster background for advertising campaign “Colours of Spring” for Slovenian digital mobile telecommunications company Mobitel d.d.. The same motif was also used as a […]

A cranky dog


Dogs are sociable creatures. They would, if they could talk, converse like a chatter box. And so when dogs are barking, they usually complain. Out of frustration, perhaps. And now you know what about. :) This dog, his name is Boo, is especially cranky.