An Apeman with metal pots


Today I am showing you the ending result of the illustration I was doing for the White Slate Collection. It became a poster. My personal critique of the human society.

An Apeman, poster. All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

An Apeman, poster. All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

6 Responses to “An Apeman with metal pots”

  1. 1 Bostjan

    uau. Super!

    • 2 112mirabela

      o hvala, boštjan :) lepo, da si prišel malo pokukat.

  2. 3 suzi

    Hello Dear Maja,

    Thank you for watching over me! I’ve been quite busy with life and what it serves you at times, and a lot of creating new work. I see you’ve been busy too. Like your illustration, especially the lower part – it stands out and could easily have a life of its own. I agree with you on dropping the sweetener, the taste gets so much better and true!

    Sending some love from a very beautiful and warm evening in Gothenburg!

    • 4 112mirabela

      Dear Suzi, hugs back from Ljubljana with peculiar stormy weather! I always watch over people I care about. Take care and stay tuned, I love your comments :)

  3. oh, that very gooood… i like it… because, i haven’t met yet this side of your creativity, find it more interesting… could be easily cover of the book… very nice… and direct.

    • 6 112mirabela

      thank you. i think it is time for some harsher, raw, undiluted messages and visual language without much varnish and sweeteners.

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