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Kiss project


In the echo of Valentine fever I am presenting you an interesting photo project. It is a “Kiss project”, a wonderful mixture of documentary immediacy, voyeur gaze and crisp elegance of Black&White. It is done by SML, a.k.a. See-ming Lee, young, productive and highly driven Chinese chap, a designer and as he calls himself: technologist […]

A promise.


As the old year is slowly going to it’s closing and snow is gone, I feel some bright wishes are in order. And besides: I promised to Mr. Jonathan to post it. It is a New Year’s greeting card from Jonathan Barnbrook studio. It lovingly embodies the Dalai Lama quote; it would be terribly nice […]

YES, finally! It is about time to post something by my favorite comics, my friends: Lunki and Sika. Their quirky, particular humor just doesn’t stop to amaze me. And make me laugh, of course. This is the most recent movie they made. Enjoy!