The Bull Levitating



I believe we all as lead by some force and for no explainable reason, cut pictures and words from magazines and newspapers, pasting them in scrap book. This newspaper photo scraping pasted in my workbook just waited to be found again. I do not know the exact reason for cutting it out of some reportage on toreadors, it was quite some time ago but my guess is: even now the picture doesn’t seize to amaze me. The bull on the photo has a unearthly look … it is levitating, caught in the midair while jumping, it’s head is bowed, the eyes fixed. Certain grace and ambiguity of it’s features made me do this Daily Image: The Bull Levitating.

The Bull Levitating,

The Bull Levitating, All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

2 Responses to “The Bull Levitating”

  1. i like this… the idea is cool… would never thought you started it from an actual photograph… it functions completely as draw illustration… very nice…

    • 2 112mirabela

      It is done in a way of an echo … You see something, you feel sympathy or inclination and then you try to express it in drawing. I feel this bull has endearing features… hehehe maybe because it reminds me of my dog …

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