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Why doodle?


I do not know much about human perception, or the fascinating and wonderful plumbing of human brain. I have no theory to back up what I am going to say. I have just my own experience. And I love what I do. The thing is: as children, we start drawing earlier than we do writing. […]

Since I am not much talkative these days, I give you some of my new stuff to look into. “Hyperion”, the beginning of my new art-prints series. They are exhibited on my corner of Behance Network. And solely for my dear enthusiastic fans: they are on sale on Society6. Thank you! :)

With tragic news of recent mass deaths of birds in US *here is BBC News clip* I was at awe to discover I made an artwork, a few months ago, depicting birds falling from the sky. Here it can be seen on my store at Society6. The same motif however does not escape me, so […]