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I noticed recently that in the world of social networking a term “designer” is usually given to anyone who constructs web pages (and frequently has not even a clue on Ethics, Design Principles, Visibility, Legibility, etc.). I of course oppose this generic naming. The rich and marvelous knowledge of graphic design and visual communication of today doesn’t manifest itself on web only, and if it does it goes beyond tools and styles. So i use a term of “web-driven designers”.

One Response to “A quick dictionary”

  1. i understand what you meant to point out… i have slightly similar questions with writings on the web… at the other side, there are some really good designers who don’t have ‘our’ background… but, i think if you’re doing something with passion, eventually, some thingz will come up to the surface… there are many people today, who are still discovering hot water, or they are selling crap behind certain discourse… it’s normally to have such dilemmas, because you’re an advanced user of web services on one side, and, on the other side, you have this roots in classic education… those foundations… advanced and stuck between different media points…

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