My new portfolio!


4 Responses to “My new portfolio!”

  1. 1 suzi

    Sorry… Felt a bit like Brute – only with love! I don’t have time to peek here anymore, have to go the French part of you ;)

    Have a lovely Saturday evening, Sweet Maja!

  2. 3 suzi

    Ha, she’s out there again! Or maybe I’m the one that’s been hiding for a while… ;) Lovely portfolio, Maja! I have one suggestion though – and hope you wont kill me in a neat Internet way – the shadows on the white names of you artwork have to go. It doesn’t co-work with your work (a bit funny here). Otherwise I think you have done a marvellous job!

    Hope you are feeling great and being as vibrant as you always are!

    • 4 112mirabela

      OH, a critique! :) And from an artist like you, Suzi! Et tu Brutus? :P
      Thank you for nice wishes, I kind of missed you – in a neat Internet way :D

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