One year of Daily Doodles


At the moment it is more than a year since the beginning of Daily Doodles. It was an idea without much thought, one would say: I was deep in the ultimate boredom of perfection, glossy, glittering and seamless present. Or maybe, I was in awe of doing something different, make a change in a manner of sharing on Twitter. On the other hand, sharing my things which might otherwise end up in a trash or forgotten in a drawer is somehow … an act of compassion :) And I still am of the same opinion as in this post, written awhile back. I haven’t expected much, truthfully. Not much feedback. However, looking at the passing year I can say I am pleasantly surprised. I’ve meet a bunch of great people, I have some die-hard Twitter&Facebook fans :) and now I have even my own T-shirt shop and a shop on Society6.

It starts like this on Twitter & Flickr:

wednesday #50 chick cartoon :) #dailydoodle

Then it goes into the one-man-band postproduction & a rainbow of tees emerge:

T-shirts “GrowUp”, June 2012

And then; this is priceless: there are some very cool and groovy people who publish the wear :)
(Thank you :*)

Twitter, 8:44 PM – 7 Jul 12

They say everyone has its own tee waiting, I say there is more than one :)
Your own tee is here somewhere, I am sure.

If you are not already among my fans, you are welcome to become one.
Enjoy. Cheers :)

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