Cat On Ice.


All my interesting and fresh artworks are in the workshop, which means they are under construction, which means not ripe for publishing. Because winter is still not thinking to pack her belongings I am sharing my Cat On Ice. Enjoy.

All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

All rights reserved, Copyright by Maja B. Jancic

4 Responses to “Cat On Ice.”

  1. This is nice…you should try making a Flash cartoon out of this character – You can export from Illustrator and “cut apart” the art in Flash in order to animate the pieces. Here’s a great Flash blog that is very inspiring:

  2. 3 lomodeedee

    nicely done… very clean… lines… perspective… what do you use? illustrator, indesign or photoshop?

    • 4 112mirabela

      I use skilled hand & imagination :)
      This one is done in pure vector form in Adobe Illustrator. No mixing.
      I am usually inclined to create in one medium. And I love researching the possibilities of flat surfaces of color. How they can build together a space.
      Thanks for a comment, Deedee :)

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