An Effort


You probably know I am also known as doodlette: I am sharing doodles on Twitter as @mmirabilis almost every day and this is a short story of one doodle. This one:

An Effort #dailydoodle

An Effort #dailydoodle

It is dreadfully short, i am afraid. Last week I dropped dead, beaten down by the virus. And you know how it is: being sick is an utter boredom. Although you have the absolute authority to laze and mop around, you are feed up before you know it. On the other hand I couldn’t draw, can you understand the predicament? It is a situation when all the cranky racoons in the world which didn’t get laid go losing their marbles. If you can picture that. So: one morning, sick of being sick I went to the kitchen to make some tea. I poured water in a kettle, switched it on and opened a box, the one where I keep tea leaves. And surprise! There it was: 9B Lyra, state of the art pencil, gone missing who knows how long ago.

So it goes. :)

AnEffort, graphics

AnEffort, graphics

I managed to get well already. So, thank you, I am fine: I made the sequel graphics out of the original doodle: VOILA! Maybe also to remind me of nice surprises: although being a mistake at the start can nonetheless have quite an interesting outcome.

2 Responses to “An Effort”

  1. 1 rltuva

    So true. Like-an-unwanted-baby-who-grows-up-a-genius-and-develops-cold-fusion-and-saves-the-world-wise.

    • 2 112mirabela

      :D boljše analogije skoraj ne bi mogel potegnit.

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